• Marsha Sobonya

“Shoes Can Change Your Life!” - Cinderella

“Shoes Can Change Your Life!” ~Cinderella

Who doesn’t L❤️ve Shoes? One of the best feelings is shopping and getting a new pair of shoes. Then of course wearing them for the first time.

So let’s talk about workout shoes!

Honestly you need a new pair of workout shoes every 3-4 months. That’s working out in the shoe 4-6 days a week. That means Not wearing them all day or around the house but seriously only wearing them to the gym....and be honest maybe a few errands before or after the gym.

What happens when you wear them too long is that the arches fall. That can cause problems for the whole body. From the feet, the knees, the low back even the hips and spine. They still look fine on the outside but the inside all the support is gone.

No need to break the bank with getting extremely high priced shoes try looking at TJ Max maybe Ross Dress for Less or even outlet malls. I also suggest getting measured for the right shoe that fits your body type and walking stride. That can be found at most running shoe stores. Look online to find the closets dealer.

And as always have fun Shopping!

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