Salt Room Therapy

Benefits of Salt Therapy 

The theory behind salt therapy and it's ability to improve respiratory problems is that the salt helps to decrease inflammation and open up airway passages while helping to get rid of allergens toxins from the respiratory system. Studies also demonstrate halotherapy’s ability to boost the immune system. Research conducted to find out the benefits of halotherapy as part of a combined treatment approach for chronic bronchitis patients found that in addition to improved lung function, there were also normalized measurements of reduced immunity.

Other Benefits Include:

Metabolism                                     Purifies the Blood             Bronchitis

Improves Health & Mood          Reduce Inflammation     Lymphatic System

Salt Ions Purify the Air               Increase Lung Capacity Reduces Stress

Allergies/Flu Season                   Promotes Deep Sleep    Sinus Congestion

Reduce Physical Ailments        Better Sleep Patterns    Healthy Digestion

Detox/Support the Immune     Conditions Asthma          Calming

Supports Skin Water Balance Cell Function                      Headaches

Reduces Inflammation               Psoriasis                               Cell Function

Mucus in the Lungs                      Allergies                                Eczema

Increases Energy                           Acne                                       Revitalize Cell

Mugworts Soak

Benefits of Mugworts

Relieves Stomach Acidity          Dyspepsia                           Travel Sickness

May Help in Epilepsy                     Insomnia                             Stomach Pain

Skin/Rashes Eczema                   Mild Depression               Restlessness

Antispasmodic/Vomiting           Anxiety                                 Detox the Liver

Weak Sedative Properties        Gallbladder Function     Weight Loss

Acupuncture Points                     Painful Menopause         Mild Narcotic

Menstrual Cramps                        Relaxation/Pain Relief  Hypochondria

Uterine Stimulant                         Ease Reumatism             Eradicating Worts

Increase Energy                            Kidney Function               Athletes' Foot

Fever                                                   Mental Fatigue                 Asthma

Stimulates Menstruation          High Blood Sugar             

Improves Lucid Dreaming        Infusion Pinworm/Infestation

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