• Marsha Sobonya

My thoughts on "Dieting"

Is it a "diet"? Or is it the underlying rules that tell us what to eat? Honestly, I hate the word diet. To me "diet" means restrictions. It means you are restricting your body from things that you will have to take out of your diet for the rest of your life if you want to maintain a certain weight. I do not want to restrict myself from potato chips for the rest of my life and I know each of you have that one food you do not want to go forever without. So why do we call it a diet? Why do we not just maintain our portion control.

We often hear, "I am trying this new diet, I can't have carbs" or, "No I can't have that lunch, I'm on a diet." First off, we all need to eat in order to live and function as healthy humans. We need to eat in order to feed our body to full function. Food is our source of energy, without energy we can not run our bodies at their highest caliber and be effective and efficient. Think of it as putting oil and gas into a car so that it can run efficiently. The car needs both, oil and gas, in order to run. Both the body and the car can not function without fueling.



1 the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats "A vegetarian diet."

2 a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons"I'm going on a diet."

3 selection of food, foodstuffs


1 restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinda of food in order to lose weight

Diet is simply what you eat. So when you say, "I'm on a diet, I can't have lunch" its kind of crazy. You should not be starving yourself of energy. You should be altering the energy that goes in your body. "Diets" do not work the same for everyone. We are all built differently so our bodies are going to respond differently to lifestyle changes. We must eat enough of the healthy carbs, fats, and protein in our everyday regimen. Do you really eat to take a pill in the morning for the rest of your life and then only eat a piece of celery for supper? What really influences weight loss or our caloric intake is portion size and whether we are eating these healthy nutrients or the unhealthy. Remember, we need the fuel so we can't just take it away all together. You just have to find the right fuel and control it.

You must eat the right kind of foods in order to get that healthy lifestyle you are looking for. What does that look like?

-Stay away from processed foods.

-Portion control your meals and snacking.

-Drink enough water. (take your body and divide by 2 to get how many ounces you should drink)

-Eat throughout the day to keep yourself fueled. (this helps your metabolism)


If you have tried a diet and it failed you or you gained your weight back, try a lifestyle change and follow these steps. It is plain and simple, eat clean and healthy.

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