• Marsha Sobonya

Motivation! How do you get Motivated?


How do you get motivated and stay motivated? What gets you off the couch, out of bed, and taking the next step to a healthy fit lifestyle?.....And of course the bragging rights that you lost weight, feeling great, stronger than ever, you are able to do things in fitness that you could t before and your clothes fit even better now!

Oh goodness! That’s a tough question! It’s different for every person! Then you have the issue once you get motivated how to keep motivated 3-6 times a week! Not too mention attempt with a smile and energy to make it through the whole workout!

There are different ways to stay motivated. Here are a few ideas!



Pictures always help!

Post them everywhere! I mean everywhere! Put them on your phone, screen saver, fridge, mirror, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat!

Could be a pic of you! Might be as a smaller size or with a few extra pounds on! (sometimes those pics when we thought we were “heavy” but really a size 0 and we would give a right leg to look like that again!)

Videos! Post exercise videos. Watch exercise videos! Could be you or someone you like to follow! You never know who YOU might motivate so keep it up!


Or the one I hear and always ready to help...the breakup or divorce then it’s “operation hot bod” ready to get the revenge bod back!

Next great motivator...Songs! Music! The right playlist can make or break the workout!


For me Podcasts or videos of positive thoughts/intentions. Getting that time to enhance your mindset. Quiet the mind, Clear your thoughts and get new ideas going! My #1 is Abraham Hicks! Then there’s Leslee Holliday love watching her speak! If you get a chance GO!!! Then of course Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Brene’ Brown, Glennon Doyle Melton, and anything Oprah!


Another great motivation might be a trainer or instructor that hypes you up and get the blood going! Plus your friends/trainer at the gym that hold you accountable!Motivation!


Another motivator Could be that person at the gym you might want to compete (not compete with). (Little do they know you are competing.)

Workout buddies are always a good idea! Meeting friends at the gym is always fun!...Share the pain!...Just make sure that’s not followed by putting something unhealthy into your body after a hard workout. Unless cocktails.....I’m just saying!


Oh great....a reunion of some sort, something most of us really dread but will still go to for whatever reason. Perhaps going to a wedding, in the wedding or getting married is always a strong motivation to get your body fit!

Another huge motivation! Trying on your favorite pants and not being able to zip or pull them over your hips! Or just tight enough you are constantly shifting a sitting in weird position to get comfortable and out of places they shouldn’t be in. Or are you planning to not even sit in them at all! Just Avoid sitting! But how fun would that be.


Then when you start seeing results you are hooked! More like addicted! Then there’s no stopping you because the hard work is paying off!

The key to success is the burning desire to succeed. Perseverance, consistency and never giving up!

In the END it should be how you feel not how you look! Sometimes you will feel waayyy better than when the results start showing up in the right places!

But whatever motivates you keep it going! It’s a lifestyle to stay healthy it doesn’t just stop when you reach your Goal!💋

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