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Let’s Talk About Leggings!

Let’s talk about leggings.

Ok those who know me are completely shocked that I...recently...just...started...wearing leggings! Yes! You heard me! Leggings!

It took me forever and a day to cross over into the legging world!

But by George I did it!

Now, I'm obsessed. I love them!

Don’t get me wrong, the minute that the heat wave hits Oklahoma you can bet I am putting my athletic shorts on! In the meantime while it’s cold, I’m wearing my new found love.

I didn’t wear them before because they felt constricted, crawling in areas no piece of clothing should go! When I would workout, they made me feel like my clothes were sticking to me! Then there’s the issue of leggings sliding down, providing the fashionable saggy crotch! Constantly pulling up my pants or getting plumber pants when working out, quite frustrating and annoying.

But there are a few things I have learned about leggings as a fitness trainer. It honestly comes back to the basic fashion rule of thumb that was ingrained into me as a young girl learning what not to wear!

Again these are my 30 years of training experiences, opinions and suggestions for workout legging gear. I have seen what works when working out and what you might want to rethink when keyword working out so it’s a little more functional.

Let’s first talk about prints. I personally try and stay away from patterns or prints that are unflattering to the body. Ladies some prints might make you seem a little wider than you actually are.

Let’s talk colors! I love simple classic black! Flattering for Everyone! Plus I spill or get things on me like crazy so for me I’m sticking to basic black! There are a few fun leather like leggings that are great! But Colors are fun! I like the pastel colors, different shades of colors but there are a few things to consider in colors when working out! I suggest stay away from light grey. Perfect for walking or not working out maybe wear them with boots and cute shirt but for working out not very functional. More than likely you can SEE the OUTLINE of areas we usually don’t want to accentuate...might be resorting to an animal from the desert....

(Sorry if offended I think this pic is hilarious and if you can wear these leggings you are now officially my hero!)

Also with some grey leggings you may show sweat in that region that looks like you either went to the loo or you sweat in really weird places! Being 48 and 4 kids later anything could happen. Which we all sweat there but no need to let everyone know! Because first thing that comes to mind....Don‘t stare, look away! and/or The Loo!

Now the big question! Yes I would suggest getting the name brand or higher quality ones! They fit better, last longer and hold you in areas you want. The name brands you know the ones allow you to move freely and are functional.

Go ahead spend the money because they are worth the bucks! Sometimes you can get super lucky and find a good pair at stores where you can save some money.

So....yes! I put up a good fight to not be trendy for years tried to be my own trend setter! But I lived outside my little box...ventured out of my comfort zone and I’m soooo glad I did!

Totally up to you! You may or may not take any of this into consideration when wearing leggings for working out! But after talking with many girl clients and even some guys they all agreed these are legit concerns I just happen to call them out.

HUGE HUGE thanks for these amazing leggings that got me started wearing my new love! Got them at Wooden Nickel -

401 S Washington St Stillwater, Ok (they have the best leggings there!)

The main thing is wear what you feel comfortable in So you can be the best version you can be! Now put on those leggings and get to the gym!

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