• Marsha Sobonya

Hi, it's me, Marsha.

I first want to introduce myself and what I am about! First! My name is Marsha Graves-Sobonya. I have been teaching/instructing/leading/personal training Exercise classes for over 30 years. I have personally trained and have had over thousands and thousands of participants in my classes or sessions from all walks of life. I have certified and trained other fitness leaders for over 18 years and helped well over thousands prepare for certifications and a career. I myself have been certified and trained by various different certifications formats and styles of teaching and fitness.

Do you have a passion?

I found my PASSION! I LOVE Fitness! I LOVE helping people reach their goals! I LOVE inspiring people! I LOVE when people see they can achieve what they aspire to be! I LOVE motivating people! I love playing a role in someone’s life to help them reach their full potential I want them to succeed! I want them to reach past what they only thought they can do. I want my clients to take what they learned from me and pass on to another person. I want them to motivate others because that is how life is. We help each other we teach each other we motivate each other we should be that person to not only put the crown on their head but we adjust it and know I was able to help!

So what is my goal here?

My goal for Marsha’s Thoughts are to inspire, motivate, teach and get you to think about how to exercise and live your fullest life. I want to share my knowledge, wisdom, success and failures so you can see it it does take it all to go through the journey.

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