• Marsha Sobonya

Four Simple Rules to Exercise and Fitness

There are four simple rules to reaching the best you possible. Join me and find that person in you!

1. Never miss a Monday! Mondays are essential to starting your week off right. It sets the tone for your week.

2. Never go more than three days without a workout. To obtain your goals you must stay consistent and exercise. Consistency is the key to getting the best you. Do not let reversibility get to you.

3. Exercise a minimum of three days a week. Your body will get better results when exercising four to six days a week depending on what your training is. Remember to go hard at whatever it is you are doing!

4. Never Give Up! We all have set backs or do not 'feel' like working out. Especially if we do not see results. But it takes time and consistency to get those results you are searching for and that new feeling is what will drive you to keep going.

This is not a diet. It's a lifestyle change in fitness and nutrition. Hop on this bandwagon and start practicing these four simple rules to succeed in exercise and fitness.

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